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About the Security Analyst Summit

The Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit (SAS) is an annual event connecting anti-malware researchers and developers, global law enforcement agencies and CERTs and members of the security research community.   The goal is to learn, debate, share and showcase cutting-edge research, new technologies and discuss ways to improve collaboration in the fight against cyber-crime.

The previous events were joined by members of leading global companies, such as Adobe, Microsoft, The Boeing Company, Barracuda Networks, Interpol, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the World Bank, Team Cymru, The ShadowServer Foundation and ICSA Labs.

The event provides two full days of learning opportunities and networking with industry experts and covers all aspects of the global threat landscape.


Cyber-espionage and Advanced Threat Actors


Attacks against mobile platforms


Threats against banks and financial institutions


Government surveillance issues


Cross-border law-enforcement coordination and information sharing


Botnets and Web-based attacks


Vulnerability discovery and responsible disclosure


Critical infrastructure protection (SCADA/ICS)


Attending Speakers

Who will share the experiences

We invite a range of high-quality speakers to discuss the most significant security issues affecting the IT industry.  The three-day agenda consists of individual presentations, turbo talks, keynote addresses, law enforcement and CERT panel discussions and the return of the popular cryptography challenge.

High quality research presentations will be given by a combination of Kaspersky Lab researchers and external speakers who are invited to submit talks on a case-by-case basis.


Dan Kaminsky
Dan Kaminsky

Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, White Ops

Formerly of Cisco and Avaya, Dan has spent fifteen years working in computer security, many of which were spent consulting closely with Microsoft to protect the Windows ecosystem. Dan is widely known for his work in finding a “skeleton key” in the Internet’s domain name system. He then led what would become the largest-ever synchronized fix to the Internet’s core design.

In case of emergency, there are seven recovery key shareholders with the power to recover the Internet’s root DNS keys. Dan is the American representative.

Christofer Hoff
Christofer Hoff

Vice President and Security CTO of the Security, S3BU, Juniper Networks

Christofer Hoff has more than 20 years of experience in high-profile global roles in network and information security architecture, engineering, operations and management.

Hoff is Vice President and Security CTO of the Security, Switching & Solutions Business Unit (S3BU) at Juniper Networks having served previous roles as VP of Strategic Planning and the Technical Marketing Engineering team and Global Chief Security Architect of the Advanced Technology Team. Prior he was Director of Cloud & Virtualization Solutions at Cisco Systems where he focused on virtualization and cloud computing security, spending most of his time interacting with global enterprises and service providers, governments, and the defense and intelligence communities.

Hoff is a founding member and technical advisor to the Cloud Security Alliance, founder of the CloudAudit project and the HacKid conference and blogs at www.rationalsurvivability.com/blog

Staffan Truvé
Staffan Truvé

Co-Founder and CTO, Recorded Future

Staffan Truvé is the co-founder and CTO of Recorded Future. Previously, he has been the CEO of SICS, the Swedish Institute of Computer Science, the technology incubator CR&T, and a number of startup companies. He has co-founded several successful software companies, including visualization pioneer Spotfire (now a division of Tibco) and the network security company Appgate (now a part of Ctyptzone). Staffan Truvé holds a PhD in computer science from Chalmers University of Technology. He has been a visiting Fulbright Scholar at MIT and also holds an MBA from Göteborg University. He is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.

Katie Moussouris
Katie Moussouris

Chief Policy Officer, HackerOne

Katie Moussouris is the Chief Policy Officer for HackerOne, a platform provider for coordinated vulnerability response & structured bounty programs. She oversees the company’s philosophy on vuln disclosure, advises customers & researchers, & works to legitimize & promote security research to help make the internet safer for everyone. Katie’s earlier Microsoft work encompassed industry-leading initiatives such as Microsoft’s bounty programs & Microsoft Vulnerability Research. She is also a subject matter expert for the US National Body of the International Standards Organization (ISO) in vuln disclosure (29147), vuln handing processes (30111), secure development (27034), and penetration testing (20004). Katie is a visiting scholar with MIT Sloan School, doing research on the vulnerability economy and exploit market. She is an ex-hacker, ex-Linux developer, & persistent hugger. Follow her and HackerOne on Twitter @k8em0 and @hacker0x01

John Matherly
John Matherly

Founder of Shodan

John Matherly is an Internet cartographer, speaker and founder of Shodan, the world’s first search engine for the Internet-connected devices. He moved to the San Diego, USA at the age of 17 and worked there at the San Diego Supercomputer Center to help manage the world’s foremost protein data bank. At the same time, he was also attending the University of California San Diego’s bioinformatics program which would kindle the fascination with large data and efficient algorithms. After graduating, he worked as a freelance software engineer at a variety of companies including bioinformatics work.

In 2009, his project the Shodan search engine was unveiled on Twitter and within hours the website received a lot of attention due to the unexpected discoveries that people made. Printers, webcams, power plants and more, many of them unprotected or minimally protected, were found over time and the revelations have changed the way security and privacy on the Internet is perceived. Shodan is already seeing TVs, cell phones, traffic lights, industrial controls, infrastructure plants and various home appliances pop-up in the search results. And more of these “Internet of Things” are added each day as the world is becoming more connected. For the past years, he has been featured in the news on CNBC, CNN Money, Bloomberg, Washington Post, Forbes and many others.

Stefan Tanase
Stefan Tanase

Senior Security Researcher, Kaspersky Lab

Stefan joined Kaspersky Lab in 2007 as a regional researcher. He is based in Romania and is responsible for monitoring the local threat landscape. He specializes in web security, malware 2.0, and threats which target Internet banking systems, including phishing. Stefan was appointed Senior Security Researcher in 2009.

Stefan is involved in several innovative research projects, ranging from malware databases or honeypots to web crawlers. He is a regular speaker at major international security conferences, including Virus Bulletin, RSA and AVAR.

Call for papers

Would you like to become a speaker?

Security Analyst Summit 2015 is an invite-only conference. We are especially looking for presentations and research showcasing the following areas:

  • • Nation state cyber-espionage and advanced threat actors
  • • Balancing Privacy vs Security
  • • APTs and connections to critical infrastructure protection (SCADA/ICS)
  • • Securing the Internet of Things
  • • Advances in Mobile Malware

Call for papers is ended now.

Attending Participants

Join us

This is an event connecting security professionals from companies and law enforcement partners who are involved in the fight against cyber-crime.

The audience includes representatives from software vendors, anti-malware/anti-spam researchers, law enforcement professionals, vulnerability researchers and security response teams.

Attendees include trusted, high-profile journalists from New York Times, Reuters, Washington Post, Wired Magazine, Ars Technica, CNET News, Bloomberg, Forbes, Dark Reading and The Economist.

Whether you are an IT professional charged with defending your organization’s systems and data or a vendor-based security researcher, Security Analysts Summit offers opportunities to learn from the best in the industry, discuss methods and technologies, and build contacts.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Security Analyst Summit is offering an attractive range of sponsorship opportunities for SAS 2015 at Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsorship levels.   If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of SAS 2015 or exhibiting at the event please contact us for more details by emailing sas2015@kaspersky.com or calling us on +7 (903) 961-05-60.


Venue Details

JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa

The Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit 2015 will be held at The JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa in Cancun, Mexico.


The landmark JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa, a recipient of the coveted AAA Five Diamond Hotel Award, offers an unforgettable getaway experience. Located in the heart of the Hotel Zone, Cancun luxury resort’s 448 well-appointed rooms have private balconies with stunning views of white sand beaches and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. If you wish to indulge even further, the resort’s Club 91 accommodations combine the tranquility and sophistication of an exclusive club with personalized and upgraded services. Enjoy treatments at the top-rated, luxurious Mayan-inspired spa. For meetings and functions the resort boasts 20,299 square feet of meeting space. With three world-class restaurants, a business center and the amazing beauty of Cancun at your feet, your event is sure to be spectacular.

For more information, please visit www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/cunjw-jw-marriott-cancun-resort-and-spa/

SAS in the media


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Contact Us

Email: sas2015@kaspersky.com

Tel: +7 (903) 961-05-60 (Russian Federation)

Follow SAS 2015 on Twitter with the hashtag #TheSAS2015. We’ll also be live tweeting many of the talks during SAS.

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